Okay, so I read some reviews and ‘stuff’ and decided to give the DIABOLIK LOVERS series a try. So far only Vol. 1 is out and the character’s name is Ayato, a sadistic vampire like the rest in the series. I knew that the seiyuu was Hikaru Midorikawa who also voiced Tomoe, Yoh from Starry Sky but lets not get the two mixed up because that would be terrible, especially for me since well, let’s just say I got what I was looking for and not what I was looking for while listening to the CD.

If you were expecting the same, sweet, romantic character of Yoh from Starry Sky, think again, because you won’t be getting any more corny lines. You will be handled forcefully, sadistically, if anything more than violent. Your hands will be tied and you will be forced to drink unknown concoctions, and you’ll also be bitten multiple times against your will in the ‘guessing game.’

For the first couple of seconds I couldn’t take it so I paused it multiple times, all giggles. I should have known better.

I had to mentally prepare myself, I was probably all red, my mom was probably wondering why I was mumbling to myself and having uncontrollable fits of squeals and laughter in front of a dull computer screen. I must have looked dumb, but that wasn’t the end of it, unfortunately.

When I finished extracting the file, there was only one track, but then again I don’t think I could’ve handled more anyway. The track was, to be precise, 44 minutes and 33 seconds. All in one track. It was like the person who made the track decided they were too lazy to split it up, ruin the flow of the story, or wanted you to listen all the way through without stopping because you couldn’t ‘handle’ it.

Anyway, as it starts out Ayato stirs in his sleep and well lets just say that since you’re trapped with him in a locked iron maiden what else could you do but freak out and kick at the thing, constant bangings that will result in loud complaints from him. He will call you names using profanity I will warn you of that. I freaked out of course. Like, “Where’s my beloved Capricorn? What have you done to him?!” But if you were to ask me if I liked Yoh over Ayato, I would answer Ayato. I might be turning masochist. Aw, that’s bad.

His voice was to say the least, over the meter of what I think of as sexy. Like way over! His kisses, the bites, the way he teases, it wasn’t the Yoh I’m used to but in a way I can’t stay away from this other personality of him either. He wasn’t gentle in the way handled you, he seemed like an abuser at most, but I doubt girls would mind.

I only have one problem though, with the way he constantly bites you, well it seems over the top, you could probably end up dead from blood loss. Anyway, he called you a perverted girl or a lewd one because well… (ahem, he finds you attractive when you’re all bloody, hint hint) yeah, not going to say any thing that’ll ruin it. *CoughEroi-onnaCough*

He wasn’t a sadist for nothing. This track definitely proves the point of sadist. But Sweet Voices commented that his brothers, the others in the series, are even worse sadists. Now I’m kind of looking forward to listening to them. I really think I am becoming a masochist. And a part-time yandere. Really, these CDs are ruining my mind. I’m turning into someone else. I’m not me anymore.

I really don’t want to describe what happens in the CD too much because to fully enjoy it you need to listen to it. Not to mention, I’ll probably lose my sanity once I’m done. Warning.

I have now decided that Hikaru Midorikawa is my number one seiyuu! Other than that I don’t really have any preferences.

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