“Hime to Knight to, Tonari to Watashi” – Akegami Takara{Review}

Type: 1 volume

Thoughts: I started reading this two or so years ago…I finished chapter 3, the finale, today. The website I was using never updated it…I won’t state any names. I was expecting it to be waaaay longer due to how “dark” and “grim” the atmosphere was. Usually, the more “serious” shoujo tend to be longer, at least eight chapters or more, but you can tell this one got cut short real bad. It was rushed beyond imagining and well, I guess it would have been better off if I hadn’t waited for it to be honest.

You should know your clichés by now so I won’t point out anything specific, but to be honest, this book didn’t sit real well with me. There was so much that could have been done with it. You felt helpless and dumb throughout the first two chapters and the payoff in chapter three was so…not worth it? I guess you could say the approach they took was so below lukewarm that it was a sad attempt at closing a story that obviously someone wanted to end. And I know it’s asking you to care for the characters, but there’s so little you know about them that you just can’t and the obvious ways they try to make you care makes it a painful approach and a slap in the face.

Yeah, not so great payoff. Not so great characters. Meh story.

The one shot at the end was kinda cute, but cliché through and through.

Conclusion: You CAN read it, but I won’t make you.



“Karen no Fastener” – Tono {Review}


Type: 1 volume???

Thoughts: Karen no Fastener was such  a stumble-upon anthology of wonderful shorts that were irresistible for my girly heart. Beautiful watercolors set against the backdrop of hopes and dreams and fantasy. I read this anthology a few years back and had been meaning to review it , but never got around to it. I’ll have to reread it now just to remember what enchanted me the first time around because unlike the shoujo I normally read, Karen no Fastener is not so simply summarized.

Be right back…

Oh, now I remember, these are some pretty powerful magical tales, my child. They are all at once beautiful with their morals and yet sad with their tragic truths. Read carefully. You may learn something wonderful. They are very fairytale-like. What do I mean? Well, I suppose you’ll have to read the stories and find out.

And with that being said.

I’m back, folks!

For a while, of course.

Conclusion: Read Karen no Fastener if you love the not so typical fairy tales. It’s not all about romance, princesses, and princes, kiddies.


“Ookamidomo no Shitsukekata” – Shiraishi Yuki {Review}


Type: 1-volume

Thoughts: I remember I read this one years ago. Then I forgot about it so when I found it again I reread it and it brought back nostalgia. And then I went and forgot about it and then when I found it I reread it again…You get the idea. It’s one of those stories I keep on coming back to read cause it was pretty alright. Not fantastic, but entertaining nonetheless.

The female lead is a fluffball and I guess her partner is too when you think about it. This manga really makes you question, who is actually the wolf in the relationship. It’s not exactly fully developed but that’s because it works like a one-shot but rather you get a volume of fluffy goodness rather than just one chapter. There’s even a oneshot included about a Thumbelina-esque girl trying to find someone who’ll love her for her tall height. I also love how out of cliché it was that our lead attended a school full of boys where she is only supposedly 1 out of 4 girls because she’s so passionate about cars. I love that she’s in love with building cars. And she has a “killer” flip you don’t want to switch on either which is the best part.

Conclusion: Read this for the boy who cried wolf! lol


“Kaeribana no Shoujo” – Tanaka Meca {Review}


Type: one-shot

Thoughts: Oh gawd, my heart. What is this fluffiness you have bestowed upon me!? I cry!!!

But yeah this was cute. Kind of out of the ordinary and somewhat sad. It’s worth reading if you want something fluffy-floofy to read, just don’t expect a happy ending. Too many of us go in expecting happy endings out of cute stories and we get our hearts broken. And well, it is happy, but part of it is sad too. You’ll see once you’ve read it.

Conclusion: Read this if you love cat-girls and shy boys! Do eet!